Saoirse reviews The Edward L. Anderson Art Gallery:

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  Coco Chanel

The Edward L. Anderson Digital Art Gallery is a pleasant journey to view an assorted display of the digital approach to art work. Our artist has a bit of many of the image forms I enjoy the most in world.  I highly recommend sunrise or sunset lighting.  Darkness is a disservice to this petite gallery that sports a wall that the light passes through.  Access this gallery off route 8 where he has a 40 prim TP area.  Look for the flashing Grand Opening sign.

Delightful surprise: There will be a Black Ferrari that drives past the TP slowly every few moments.  If you click on it to drive, you will be riding down route 8.  A nice fun treat after you visit the gallery.

1-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.39.27 PM

The exhibit begins with a intoxicating image titled “Buddha Rising”. I saw the ‘Buddha’ after reading the title easily, before seeing the title I was already appreciating the reflective quality in the center of this image. He uses RBG colors in an almost hippy styling radiating out from the center. The repeated imagery of fractal work appears as the image fades to the blackness.

He has several landscape images that have a crystal clear image as if one is looking out of a window at the area. He was quick to capture lightning in a couple of this images. He demonstrates a whimsical artistic flare as some of these images have one item in the picture, a guitar, a lighthouse, that is not the focus but a part of the image ‘Robert Johnson’s Crossroads’ has an orange guitar in a stark landscape by a tree where the lightning bolt hits the same tree. Delightful.2-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.15.56 PM

I haven’t seen many still life images in world, this artist includes a couple of them. A study of still life in our world is different than irl as the shading and the lighting is completely under the control of the artist. With this in mind viewing his still life images, I appreciate the way the light falls as well as the shadows. The shadows indicate both the light we see and the light from the room.

This has two levels and on the second level the images again begin with a true stunner, ‘Rod of Power’. Circles with inlaid circles shape a moon and a bejeweled appearance. The axis lines of the image, deep purple, define the boundaries. And the nucleus, the center is surrounded by swirling flame colored images. ‘Shell’ is a Fibonacci study widely spaced appearing almost as if there is a hedge maze.

3-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.11.18 PM

Our artist shares his work on a website [below] and also shares a glimpse into his life.  A Florida USA resident, he has a B.A. in Motion Picture Technology.  He learned how to do computer effects for movies and has not made a film yet.  In addition to using his degree to create digital art, he is working on a web based comedy show based on the ‘table-talk’ that may be heard during Dungeons and Dragons.  This project is written, produced and directed by our artist.  The other interesting truth about Edward is he lives with  cerebral palsy.  Creative and driven, stop in and see this exhibit.  Artfully Yours, Seersha Heart

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Artist’s Website:

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