Saoirise reviews the Strange Brew Gallery:

I hope you use the wonderful site “Art Galleries of Second Life” [link in footnote].  I was looking at various galleries this week and decided to visit and to write about a new small gallery named “Strange Brew” operated by the Saintless Larnia who brings us Owen Landar artist.

1-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.44.54 PM

Teleporting in I arrived in the lobby of the gallery so naturally I had to walk outside and take a look around.  This is located on the mainland in a nice area I have taken a few pictures of to accompany this article.  I was amused by the undead pet outside  [a horse].  Returning to the inside a walked about to get a feel for our artist.  Her gallery has a great set up, a small area to display images called “Imagination” spelled with an eye for the letter I is off to my left and a small club is ahead of me.  All decorated for the Halloween season.  I should say here that I learned the artist has his own gallery named Omagination.

The artist images are placed in a inside garden area, and honestly I was not prepared for the beauty of the images as I was looking around at the garden effects.  The garden is quite lovely and well done, art on its own.

2-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.26.40 PM

The images [I will not specify the effects used] are daring and colorful.  I suspect the placement reveals a bit of shyness or playfulness of our curator.  To her I say “I want to see more!”.  This artist is working outside of the comfort zone of many sl artists.  He is working beyond the images of the easily recognized and creating something beautiful.  There are a couple of images with a dancer as the center figure also throwing off colors, I confess that my favorite is ‘Celebration’.

Ironically the first image I view is titled “Comfort Zone” has deep dark yellow chalk figure in the centre throwing colors off it every angle with an almost electronic pastel work.  I would not have thought that I would describe something as ‘electronic pastel’ but I feel this is the most apt description.  Near this image is one titled ‘Contemplate’ with smooth colors cascading in a circular pattern as if the color is moving down a drain.

‘Forest Brocade’ has a mostly fixed beginning in the center surrounded by richly vivid background that looks as if you may reach into it and touch the lush greenery.  And in ‘Circles of my Mind’ I see the first image which indicates a styling self portrait using female figure.  He has a female figure in reverse color imaging with the background is spotted with whites and blacks textured like moss would be on ancient rocks.  Don’t dare think this is your average spotting of a polkadot!  Okay I will tell you know, our artist is handling his art two or more times and doing overlays to create these delights.

3-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.26.15 PM

There are a couple of framed images by the artist in her lobby.  They are subdued and character in styling.  You don’t need any imagination to become captivated by his images, you will only wish there were more to view.  I have included the artist website below but I haven’t viewed it yet, saving it for later.  Artfully Yours,  Seersha Heart


Artist’s website [erotic/moderate]

Art Galleries of Second Life [please rate galleries when you stop in 1 to 5 stars and you may also leave a comment]

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