The November 2015 issue of Windlight Magazine is now available! This issue features Draxtor Despres of The Drax Files. Firestorm Viewer Project Manager Jessica Lyon is also highlighted and will provide insights on the photographic and artistic features of Firestorm.
Kara Trapdoor has a treat for all of you AM Radio fans! She managed to snag a rare interview with this very talented artist. Vee Tammas is back with a great look at Museum Island. Articles are also on the Windlight Art Gallery’s Artist in Residence, Wicca Merlin and the 2015 Art in Hats Coordinator, Emma Portilo. Two new contributors also make their debut in this issue! Dawnbeam Dreamscape will debut her new roleplay series and artist Ilyra Chardin combines art work and water for some awesome artistic inspirations!

Very special thank you to Chloe Seljan for her cover photo. To read this month’s issue, simply click the cover below:



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