Mont Saint Michel is still in Second Life! Inara has more info.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Mont Saint-MichelMont Saint Michel

Reader Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck contacted me on Tuesday, November 2nd concerning Mont Saint Michel in Second Life, and passed me some – for the time being, at least – good news.

In September, and following Ciaran Laval’s lead, I reported the region would apparently be closing at the start of October, the news of the closure having been given by Moeka Kohime via her Flickr stream.

“I just discovered that Mont Saint Michel is still open,” Petr informed me. “I am standing at the cathedral on the hill.”

And indeed, a quick hop across to the region reveals that it is indeed all intact, complete with Moeka’s *Edwelweiss* next to the landing point.  So what has happened? Has Moeka decided to keep the region operating following the outpouring of support which followed the closure announcement, or is this just a temporary reprieve?

Mont Saint MichelMont Saint Michel

Answering these…

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