This Saturday is the closing show of the 2015 November-December Exhibition at the Windlight Art Gallery! The exhibition features the 2015 November-December Windlight Art Fellows! Below is information about three of these great artists:

vally daisies.pngNAME:  Valium Lavender
BIOGRAPHY: I have been in SL since August 2006 mostly building surf sims and enjoying nature.  I believe that nature is one of the highest forms of truth,  (in addition to music and mathematics).  I have been fond of taking SL photographs since about 2010 but mainly as a hobby for my own use.  During that time I have learned more ways to make a photo look more pleasing to the eye.  None of my photos are touched up in Photoshop after they are taken.  They are not cropped either.  They are as I saw through my camera.
Bio Pic Ben.png
NAME Benvinudo Moskalev
BIOGRAPHY: Benvinudo is a newcomer on the SL Art scene with his digital creations. His previous series “Music”, displayed at the Rose Art Gallery presented a unique concept using fractals and digital art to render his Impression of Music as it would appear upon a canvas. Ben has been in SL a number of years and also writes poetry, occasionally participating in some of the scheduled readings in this virtual world. He uses as his “brushes” a Wacom tablet with numerous digital brushes, Photoshop, Painter 2015 and a number of other software applications which are all pulled together in his work. Please enjoy these latest interpretations of Portraits and fractals presented by Mr. Moskalev.
Kaijah Chrome 10_15.png
NAME: Kaijah Chrome
BIOGRAPHY:  Greetings from sunny California.  I’ve been a happy, contented SL resident for over 6 years now.  The never-ending possibilities of what you can accomplish and/or create in SL is amazing!
I have found my true passions and spend a majority of my SL time taking pictures and working on our radio station.
I have also been teaching photography for 4.5 years at New Citizens Inc.  To date, I have had the privilege of teaching thousands of residents the ins and outs of SL photography.
Shane & I started ENT SL Radio in January 2013 because we saw so many talented folks in SL and wanted to give them a platform to perform in SL. And just recently founded ENT Media Group Charity where we are making a difference in real life by paying it forward in second life.

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