Today’s Windlight Art Fellows spotlight is on Dean Yao, Inara Pey, and Dawnbeam Dreamscape! You can read about these talented artists below:


About Dean Yao: In Secondlife I am a freelance photographer, I enjoy exploring Secondlife and capturing some of the beautiful creations and areas people have created, especially finding the hidden areas in Secondlife that no one knows about yet its the most relaxing and peaceful place to be. The photos I take in Secondlife are both scenic photos and photos of people.

Sometimes my artwork captures a moment, either it be a moment in my day where I may be happy, sad or mad or moments in other peoples lives where those same emotions are shown.
I believe that shadows and lighting really make the photos come to life in Secondlife. Adjusting the windlight settings and capturing the shadow just right seems to make the picture come to life. Mostly through practice I believe is what makes my art work worth showing. If I had advice to give to any aspiring artists out there looking to go into photography in Secondlife it would be to practice, Don’t give up and continue trying. There are some days where I can take 20 photos and I don’t think any of them are worth the time, But I don’t give up!
I currently do not have any exhibits in Secondlife. Windlight will be giving me my first opportunity to show my photos to many people but I do encourage you to come check out my personal gallery. A SLurl is provided below.
About Inara Pey:  I have been active in Second Life continuous since the end of 2006, although I initially started in-world earlier than that. My interests are widespread and cover many SL activities, although I am perhaps best known as a blogger and SL / virtual worlds commentator. I’m not in any way a qualified artist or photographer; my images are primarily intended to illustrate my blog ( I’m therefore flattered that people enjoy seeing them, and to be offered opportunities to display images at events like this.
Dawn Dreamscape
About Dawnbeam Dreamscape:  In a world of fantasy, all things are possible. Dawn brings real world and Second Life together in her unique way of viewing both worlds. We hope you enjoy the world through her eyes


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