Exciting times are ahead for the Community Virtual Library in Second Life. You are invited to join in a global collaborative role-play project.

Medieval Quest (a library exhibit, Renaissance Faire and live role-play tours).

The goal is to share examples of an engaging immersive experience through “literature alive” at a Medieval Village. The sim in Second Life is built by Brant Knutzen who is at the University of Hong Kong.

Here are the initial planning session times (Pacific Time zone).

Monday Jan 11th 6pm SLT Medieval Quest Planning Meeting (Share roles and overview)

Wednesday Jan 13th 6pm SLT Medieval Quest Orientation (Continue sharing roles and training) Prepare Press Release to send for publicity

Monday Jan 18th 6pm Practice Role-play

Meet at the Community Virtual Library Exhibit area

People can participate at whatever level they want. The cool thing is…..the sim is already built! We just get to come and play the roles. I am going to try to film a machinima.

Contact me by email or IM in Second Life ( for more information and a list of roles from which to choose. Share this invitation with anyone interested in immersive learning on a global scale.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2016.

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