Thank you for your interest in applying for the RC Yacht Club Fellowship! This fellowship aims to highlight artists and photographers who love nautical themes and scenes in Second Life! RC Yacht Club is part of the Windlight venues. For more info about RC Yacht Club, please see the following page:



The RC Yacht Club Fellowship will be open to two artists at a time for a period of two months.

**Please read carefully, if you agree, proceed with the application**
-All art work must follow the Second Life TOS and the Linden Labs Community Standards
-All artwork must be your own intellectual property or you must have explicit permission to use the artwork
-If you choose to sell your artwork, then you must have a minimum price of 300L’s. It is not required that you sell your artwork
-All artwork must be nautical, ocean, or sea themed (if you have any questions or comments, please contact us before you apply)
-NO nudity or adult themed art work
-You must join our rezz group in order to rezz
-All wall space is as is
-You are allowed to hang a maximum of 5 pieces of art work
-Automatic group inviters, temp rezzers, poofers, or particle makers are not allowed
-Only the two artists will have rezz perms
-You will have the gallery space for two months, this includes setup time
-You can only occupy one fellowship per year at the Yacht Club
-After your time frame is up, it is your responsibility to remove your artwork. Failure to remove your artwork within 5 days may result in your items being returned to you

Please fill out our handy application form to apply:

RC Yacht Club Artist Fellowship Application

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