He wanders silently around an art exhibit, unsure of what’s “good” or “bad,” until he observes the reactions of other patrons who seem like they can tell a Monet apart from a Manet. No, we’re not talking about you on your last Tinder date at the Met. We’re talking about Berenson, a wide-eyed, bowler hat-wearing art connoisseur—who also happens to be a robot.

Designed in France by engineer Philippe Gaussier and anthropologist Denis Vidal (link in French), Berenson uses a neural network to form his own unique tastes in art. First, he creepily watches how others react to certain works of art. Then he assigns each reaction a “positive” or “negative” value, and runs the data through his artificial brain to create an “opinion” of his own. The idea is that the more art he sees and the more reactions he catalogs, the more distinct his preferences become…

Source: This robot “art critic” is as clueless about art as the rest of us – Quartz

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