Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson Exhibition at Daphne Arts Gallery

Oema reviews the new Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson Exhibition:


Very interesting artistic exposition of which I wish to speak is set in these days to “DaphneArts Gallery”, the Gallery founded by SheldonBr and Angelika Corral and which has the advantage of hosting artists who normally do not have other exposures in progress, but they are worthy to exhibit their works.

The artists exhibiting in the months of March-April are Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson and the works are photographic character.

I went to DaphneArts Gallery to visit the art exhibition entitled “We are no one” and at the same time I have visited the Flickr pages of the artists in order to have a broad view of their work.

Photographs proposed, mostly in black and white, with a few rare exceptions, are representative of women with a strong sensuality and independence.

Women with a strong character, free from those social conditioning that time can induce.

The bodies are exposed without inhibition, sexuality portrayed is between women  expresses great transport and involvement, without ever having aspects of vulgarity.



The strong attraction that the images depict suggests a pair of women “friends and lovers“, where sexuality is accompanied by a strong spiritual union and a great complicity.

Women in Love, confident women, emancipated women and attentive to their needs.

Women who refuse to be in any way influenced by the context in which they live, if the environment around them goes against their needs and expectations.

Women who love each other, in short, and not give up just because the love is not “traditional“, what the society prefers.

In addition to images of couple, the two artists love to photograph parts of the female body immortalized in a particular moment, in a moment rich in meaning.

Most of the time the photographs are in black and white, there are other color tips just mentioned.

The colors are never lit, brightly.

In the presentation to the photo gallery written by SheldonBr and Angelika Corral, the creators of Gallery explain the title of the exhibition “We are no one” referring to Sartre‘s thought.

According to Sartre, one of the most important of the twentieth century intellectuals, a man exists before to be, that is, before he built its system of values, its way of thinking, its personal way  “to be in the world”.

Also, very current theme, the man is able to consciously choose who to be, without being overwhelmed by the events and life.

This awareness of one’s ability to be creators of themselves can generate, at least at first, anxiety and frustration.

This emotional state can be seen in the images of the two artists, which also express the difficulty of being themselves in an environment that “works against”.


Existentialism, in fact, insists on the specific individual’s value and its precarious and finite character, the senselessness, the absurd, the vacuum that characterize the condition of modern man, as well as about loneliness in the face of death in a world that has become completely foreign or hostile.

The exhibition will be open to the public during the months of March-April 2016.

As far as the Daphne Arts Gallery, it is so named according to Greek mythology of Apollo and Daphne, inspiration of many works of art.

The choice of name is due to the fact that over time the art has found its inspiration in myths and legends.

The Gallery is divided into three floors, each of which is set up as a theme having a god of Greek mythology.

The ground floor is dedicated to Poseidon, God of the Sea, the first floor to Zeus, the God of Heaven and Thunder, and the underground floor to Hades, God of the underground.


SheldonBR and Angelika Corral, co-founders and Art Gallery Curators of DaphneArts argue that artistic expression should be unlimited, so their gallery is home to both artistic works done in RLife, whether photographs taken in Slife.

Finally I leave you all useful references to the visit to the gallery and the links to Flickr profiles of  the Gallery and the two exhibiting artists.

Slurl DaphneArts Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lanestris/118/70/104

DaphneArts Gallery Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/2952233@N23/

Jammie Hill: https://www.flickr.com/photos/66785782@N04

Joslyn Benson: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joslyn_benson/

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