The March and April Windlight Artist Fellows can be found at the Windlight Art Gallery! Each day for the next few days, we will highlight these artists. Today’s spotlights are on Vivienne Darcy, Barret Darkfold, and Antartica Slade:

Windlight Gallery - Vivienne Darcy.png
Vivienne Darcy

Vivienne Darcy has been a resident of SL since 2007. Until recently her time was devoted to ballet and modeling, but recent efforts at producing effective photographs for modeling assignments convinced her that something had to be done. Hearing of a photography course through the Visionaire Institute, she enrolled and has begun to develop a fascination with landscapes. She looks forward to many more happy hours of SL photography.

She is thrilled to be accepted to the Gallery Fellowship–her first official exhibition–and grateful to Windlight Magazine and johannes1977 for giving her the opportunity to share her efforts with others!



Barret Darkfold.png
Barret Darkfold

I’m an abstract painter Catalan in RL and SL from 2010, only believe compositions of shapes and colors at one time and in one place, in reality, apparent or not

Every day is different from the previous.
Each week is different from the previous.
each month is different from the previous,
each year is different from the previous.

I think that’s why each piece of art is different



Anti magic fairy IMAGINA . Close.up.png
Antartica Slade

From Italy, I’m here in SLworld from 2007,
Graphics A.D. in my RL, here the ARTPhotography it’s really a passion….


✼ My Flickr stream web portfolio:

✼ My Flickriver portfolio by sets:

✼ My 500px web portfolio:


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