This is the first in a series of posts that look behind the scenes at how The Interview is created for you to play. I will be revealing information that, for some, may shatter illusions. After all, these are illusions we worked on hard on creating so that you have immersive and seamless game experience. If you would prefer to not know the ‘stage secrets’ then read no further!

The manor elevator! Seems so simple at first glance. You get in, hit the button and you’re transported to the hallway to continue your game. Our objective is for you to feel like that there is one lift that you’re all sharing and taking the ride to the hallway of your choice in a smooth and effortless way.

So, I’m alluding to the fact that there isn’t just one elevator….so how many are there?….2, 5…more?

Source: Smoke & Mirrors – Behind the Scenes at The Interview | MadPea

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