Star Journey, a well-known and beloved sim by hundreds of Second Life residents since 2008, has gotten a complete redesign for 2016, and is having a re-opening kickoff on May 1, 2016!In case you are not familiar with it, you are probably asking “What is Star Journey?”.

Star Journey is two things: a method based on the Star Journey book by Richard Geer, and a place in Second Life developed by Richard’s SL counterpart, Starman Heron.

The Star Journey Symbol Method is a tool for self-reflection, based on the principle that answers to life’s questions can be found by looking within one’s self. Users explore a personal topic such as work, money, health or a relationship by using card symbols to play “games of meaning”. It can be used for solving problems, making decisions and exploring relationships. Star Journey appeals to people with interests in psychology, self-help and spirituality, and is used by counselors, therapists and others in the helping professions.

Star Journey in Second Life is a beautiful, 3-D immersive rendering of the tools, symbols and processes that are part of the Star Journey Symbol Method. On Star Journey island, a person can explore the Star Journey symbols and games in a tangible and visual way, either via self-guided exploration of the island, or though live group sessions led by Richard Geer (Starman Heron in SL) and his associate Gerry Marr (Dharmadog in SL)…

Source: Star Journey’s Grand Redesign & Re-Opening | The Virtual World Educator

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