Meet the current March and April Windlight Fellows! This spotlight is on Antartica Slade, Wren Carling, & Cherrycar Resident:

Anti magic fairy IMAGINA . Close.up.png

Antartica Slade. Bio: 

From Italy, I’m here in SLworld from 2007, Graphics A.D. in my RL, here the ARTPhotography it’s really a passion….

✼ My Flickr stream web portfolio:

✼ My Flickriver portfolio by sets:

✼ My 500px web portfolio

Wren_Carling_for Windlight Mag.png

Wren Carling. Bio: Wren Carling has enjoyed photography for several years and delights in finding unique shots through her Windlight lens. After winning two 1st-place awards in the Primperfect and Orange Island Photo Contest in 2008, she was offered a photographer position at Primperfect Magazine. Additionally, she was given photographer and designer positions at the Primgraph Magazine. Her work has been featured aboard the SS Galaxy Ship and the Knightbridge gallery, in the London sim.


CherryCarr or known as pup.png

Cherrycar Resident: Bio: i am now called pup and feel my art has taken on a deeper level and turn i hope for the better, i took a break from art for a period of time. i now come back with a new art gallery, my old work can be found on my flickr account and also my new work.

changes as artist can influence our art work, just like a piece of music can inspire us also the challenges within our own life’s, on sl and off sl. we let our art speak for us. to try and capture emotions and feelings.

i spend a lot of time on a sims that inspires many artists to come and take photos, the sims is called ‘Furillen’, based on the Swedish island… its cold and stark over the winter, the caretaker (the owner of the sims) has now brought spring to the island the contrasts of the starkness and now to the light hint of greens, new wild life returning, the snow has cleared up and now there is spring sky.

the music reflect the art i being doing, some with feeling but it doesn’t just stay there it follows me to the many other sims within second life and the wonderful creators that let us visit, i hope i do well within my art capture some of the essence of what they created within my own art

i have shown at the Michal j Fox, i have been asked to display my art else where. when i am asked to share what i do i feel i am opening up my soul, where it be a landscape or a portrait i capture something of myself or the other person i like to take a picture when i feel no one knows then ask permission if i can share it or use it and so far i not been turned down so in my mind i think they like it or there being to polite.

Thank you that i have been given the opportunity to show my work at windlight art gallery as windlight fellowship March to April among a lot of other artist i admire and respect within second life.


my flickr account

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