You’ve probably heard of the Rule of Thirds—I learned about it in middle school art classes, and art history in college. It’s a terrific tool for guiding composition in your pictures. Formulaic use of the Rule of Thirds can take you a long way toward making better pictures, and will help you discover better compositions on your own. It’s so universal that Lightroom and most other photo editors include an overlay in the cropping tool. But how do we use the Rule of Thirds when we’re shooting? Following are some ideas for how I use it to help me make photographs.

Horizons on the ThirdsOne great way to use the Rule of Thirds is to help you place the horizon. Generally speaking, the horizon should not be in the middle of the photograph vertically. If it’s in the middle, it bisects the image and usually leaves it feeling unbalanced. Instead, place the horizon on the upper or lower third….

Source: 3 Easy Ways to Use the Rule of Thirds

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