Styling Bootcamp AD

The Ultimate Styling Course is here!

We are now taking applications for The Styling Bootcamp Course..five sessions of the most comprehensive styling training on the grid. This course WILL improve your styling. Certification is optional, and the cost is crazy, 500L or 2250L for the WHOLE course. Taught by Miss Virtual World 2015.

See info below:

Windlight / The Edge Styling Bootcamp Course

The Edge Styling Bootcamp is coming!

The most comprehensive Styling Course in SL.

This WILL improve you as a stylist.

This five week course will be at 1pm SLT on Sundays, beginning Sunday May 21st.

Each one hour session is designed to build together to give you a comprehensive overview of Styling in SL, and its important concepts.

Sessions are:

1# Stylist versus Catalogue Model – the basics of good styling

2# Real Life Reference, why, and how – the Patent Formula

3# The Devil is in the details – exploring styling further

4# Bringing the Styling to Life with Poses

5# Styling and Art – the next steps

Each session costs 500L, but if bought together, the course costs just 2250L.

There is optional homework after the first four sessions. If homework is completed with the course, the course will be Certificated. If you do not wish to get a Certificate then you do not have to do the homeworks.

􀀋To apply, click the link below and click to get to the Application page. Complete the details required and submit. You will be contacted prior to the course, regarding payment details.

*No sessions can be attended if payment is not made in advance*

Application form


One thought on “Register for The Edge’s Styling Boot Camp Course!

  1. Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts of Second Life and commented:
    How awesome is this? lessons on styling and better art with it. Also being certified if you finish the work and such. I would do this but cannot commit to all the lessons because of RL but I want to share this for anyone who is interested and can commit and afford it. HAPPY STYLING!!! I LOVE styling.


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