Flashes of Life, Giovanna Cerise @ The Eye Gallery

Oema, Art Critic and Galleries Reviews, introduce us to Giovanna Cerise’s 3D Art:

Giovanna Cerise_01.png

It was a long time that I wanted to visit the exhibition of Giovanna Cerise, a 3D art exhibition hosted by “The Eye Gallery“.

Particularly 3D artists evoke a certain charm of S.Life observer and I think, honestly, it’s good.

I say this as a 2D artist who draws by hand using a graphics tablet.

In fact it is not strange that 3D artists are the ones most appreciated in a virtual world.

The ability to see, perhaps with the use of Mouselook, or, even better, of the Oculus Rift, 3D works within the metaverse, is a priceless performance, much more than to see a simple texture (although well done ).

This week I have the pleasure of speaking about an Italian artist who deals with 3D  art in S.Life, Giovanna Cerise.

Giovanna is a teacher of literature and music in R.Life and resides in S.Life from December of 2008.

Just arrived in the metaverse, the talented Italian artist decided to experiment with manipulating prims, always creating new forms and new artistic communication projects.

For a complete biography of Giovanna Cerise, I suggest you to read her blog (Giovanna Cerise’s Blog).

Actually I only say that the experience of this artist is very large, especially she took care about large projects, obtaining the famous LEA by the same LL.

That said, I come to the “heart” of her artistic performance.

3D Art  colored, heterogeneous and communicative.

These are the adjectives that come to mind after having enjoyed her exhibition yesterday at the “The Eye Gallery “.

The colors are a characteristic feature, are not chosen at random, but they have a function of “reinforcing” the communicative aspect.

Of course titles are valuable in understanding the way the author of the works wanted to give.

In the past, I let myself be carried away by emotions that the works aroused in me, just watching the explanations of the various artists.

Although it is certainly nice to get emotionally involved in the work that you go to see, it is also true that disregard the message that the artist wanted, in its own way, communicate, means losing half the fun.

Giovanna Cerise_02.png

The works of Giovanna Cerise have meaningful titles.

The sleeper“, “Sirens“, “Confusion“, “Bet“, “Lost Identity” and “Disorientation” are the titles of the works exhibited at “The Eye“.

For some of them it was set up a special space, others are at the entrance of the exhibition.

As I said the works are diverse: with this I want to say that I don’t find in them a single theme, but each one is very different.

There are artists who find a style and develop it in various ways.

Observing an artistic work , you already know who the author is, since you understand its style.

Giovanna Cerise_03.png

Looking at the work of Giovanna, each of them could be of a different artist, it is as if she regenerate herself every time, giving life to new and unique creations.

Finishing, the Cerise is artistic communication.

It’s through a shape, a color, a 3D experience that she brings to life to S.Life avatars with her works, that she communicates a thought, a feeling, an ideal, a value.

Concluding my pleasant experience at “The Eye” seeing the exhibition of Cerise, I can say that, from Italian, I am proud of Giovanna.

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