Snapshot _ High Water, High Water (25, 239, 20) - Moderate
Lanne Wise

On May 15, 2016, the May-June Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery will officially open! For this week we are highlighting the art fellows who are taking part in the exhibition! Today’s spotlight is on Lanne Wise and Tessagrace51 Resident:

BIOGRAPHY: Lanne Wise has spent the last nine years in SL exploring, admiring, making art, dancing, learning and meeting people. She still has a good time.

Following is a partial resume of SL Activities:
Symposium on the Evolutions of Communications NMC Conference Center, Second Life (

Digital Copyright Course Harvard University,Berkman Center in Second Life (

2008 – Present
Curator: Chanthira Center for Virtual Arts Second Life (no longer active)
Bebu Gallery (see link below)

Exhibited work: Mixed RL/SL Exhibit Brooklyn Is Watching, Second LifeJack the Pelican Gallery, Brooklyn NYC(

Exhibited work: “Quiet Sorrows and Elegant Joys” Space I/O, Second Life

Avenue Magazine Interview re: Bebu Club and Gallery

TV bra Performance Piece with Vanessa Blaylock, et all @ Gallery Xue

Collaborative research on movement as communication in SL
Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver CA

Summer Exhibit @ Wintergiest Gallery





Bebu Gallery and Club:


Every day should feel like a day at the beach
Tessgrace 51 Resident

BIOGRAPHY: Hello, My name is Tessa and I have enjoyed photography in Second Life for the past four years. I first began my journey as a blogger looking for a creative outlet. I soon found that my favorite part of blogging ended up being the creation of the photograph itself. My blogging has since evolved to be more photography based. I enjoy shooting landscape and portrait images the most.

My photography is often inspired by the creations of others. I enjoy exploring the many locations offered around Second Life. Each place that I visit sparks a vision for a future project.

I would love for you to spend a little time and check out my works at the following links:



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