Todays Windlight Art Fellows spotlight is on Trinity Yazimoto and Ronin1 Shippe:

Trinity Yazimoto
Trinity Yazimoto

BIOGRAPHY: Im not a photographer per se, but more an photoshopper. If my work always start with a photograph, then its taken in several software like Photoshop where i twist the original image in order to create something new expressing my own view about sl and more generally about life. I also add a lot of coded fragments of myself, who i am, how i feel, etc in each of my pieces. But as soon as they are given to the ppl’s look, they no longer belong to me and everyone is entitled to interpret them as they wish. I would define the style of most of my pieces as fancy, twisted with a touch of bizarre. Some are more conventional, some more abstract but there is always much to read between the pixels.



Ronin_006 finished copy
Ronin1 Shippe

Brief Bio, Ronin1 Shippe: Ronin1 Shippe is an SL and RL artist, whose mediums include wood, clay, steel, and “painting” on the computer’s virtual canvass.

Ronin began his career as an SL artist while doing volunteer public relations work for an SL organization which assists people with disabilities who wish to explore SL. Ronin, who suffers from some hearing loss, felt that art exhibits might be a vehicle to help raise awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities in SL.

His paintings and art exhibits have since reached some 34 different countries worldwide, and have been very well received in the SL art community, where he is now counted among the better-known SL artists.

His paintings are studies in minimalism – Zen Impressionist works which strive to capture a mood, a moment, or a feeling – often whimsy – with only a minimal number of lines.
If you have any problems with your purchase, I can help. Please feel free to contact me via IM – Ronin1 Shippe. I will get in touch with you promptly and we’ll find a solution.

Thanks! 🙂

P.S. Please IM me for other current Ronin1 Shippe art show landmarks. 🙂 Thanks for your interest!

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