Inara reviews the new exhibit at Gallery 24:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Gallery 24: Ieko CatnapGallery 24: Ieko Catnap

Open now at Kayly Iali’s Gallery 24 is an exhibition of work by French artist Ieko Catnap, who presents some 29 pieces of her physical world art uploaded to Second Life.

“I’m a lyrical abstract oil painter,” Ieko says of herself, “working in traditional mediums, although sometimes I include interesting materials such as silk, paper, light wood, fibres, human and dog hairs.”

Gallery 24: Ieko CatnapGallery 24: Ieko Catnap

Lyrical abstraction tends to cover two distinct, but related post-war modernist art trends. Given her background and training, it’s probably fair to say that Ieko leans towards the European (and French-founded) Abstraction Lyrique. The premise of the art is that it is “lyrical” – expressing the artist’s emotions; or perhaps more precisely, their emotional outlook and a desire to >communicate concepts, thoughts, ideas, and emotions abstractly, and often in a primal way – hence the tones and…

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