Today’s Windlight Art Fellows Spotlight is on Rey Vlodovic and Ramsa Luv:

Reylenne Profile Photo
Rey Vlodovic

BIOGRAPHY: Rey Vlodovic is a Second Life and Real Life artist who explores both worlds, capturing experience with a penetrating eye and a special sense of place.

Her photography takes you on her personal journey of discovery to various second life sims exploring some of their beautiful surroundings, and offering her own “first moments”

“Imagine going somewhere for the first time and seeing a picturesque scene or an amazing building that simply takes your breath away. The beautiful simplicity of that first moment of experience is what I try to capture.

“I enjoy many styles of photography, but the one I am drawn to most is landscapes. Through it I hope to show bit of realism and evoke and share some emotion in our virtual world.”



You Are Innocence By_ Ramsa Luv
Ramsa Luva

BIOGRAPHY: Hi all. I am Secondlife artist Ramsa Luv and i comes from RL Finland, I have done one time before Show with Windlight Magazine and Edge Stylist role. It was Windlight Spring Art Show 2016. I enjoy my Secondlife party, taking photos, relax music and real life i hobby music and movies.

Greetings: Ramsa Luv

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