Windlight Magazine is pleased and honored to be working with Bryn Oh on a new project! Details are below:

Becoming Bryn: Pivotal Works by Bryn OhBecoming Bryn: Pivotal Works by Bryn OhReview by Eleanor Medier / Liane Sebastian T

he above link is to an insightful article written by Eleanor Medier on a few of my works.And for anyone who has been submitting images for Era Island.. google seems to be deleting some of them (but strangely not all)… just wanted you to know it was not me removing them.

And also!  Windlight Magazine will be doing a retrospective book on my artwork over the years.  It will include images that I provide, but I would also like to open it up for others to send me images you have taken too.  The only stipulation would be that the images show the work as they were intended, meaning using the windlight settings I provided and so on.  The idea for the book is to show my work as I designed them.   Below is a list of all my various exhibits since 2007.. each one will be represented if I can find an image for them.  I have included some machinima to remind what they looked like… the older machinima (at top) are a bit dated as they were my first attempts but you will get the idea….

Source: Bryn Oh: Sim Street Journal article and Windlight Magazine project

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