Windlight Contributor, Myra Wildmist is back with another SL Photography tip! This time she offer tips on how to keep your avatar’s feet on the ground when taking photos:

In Second Life, your feet don’t always touch the ground.

One of the more quirky features of SL is everything, including you, can pretty much ignore the laws of gravity at all times. In SL, your feet don’t so much touch the ground as they meet the ground. In fact, due to the variety of foot shapers – the little, red shoe icons in your wardrobe – most of the time, you’re walking around a little above the ground.

Strike a pose for a photo, and you’ll almost always be a floating bit off the ground. Add some shadows to your photo and it will be more apparent you’re hovering. No photographer wants that.

How to change your height with a pose ball

If you’re on your property or somewhere you have rez permission, it’s fairly easy to adjust your height.

  1. Rez a pose ball with your pose (Most poses you buy include a pose ball.).
  2. Sit on it.
  3. Find the pose ball with Area Search. From the FS menu, World – Area Search.
  4. From the Find tab, select the Search button. You can leave all the fields blank.
  5. From the List tab, sort the results by distance.
  6. Your pose ball should be zero meters away; after all, you’re sitting on it.
  7. Right click on the pose ball in the Area Search results. You’ll get drop down list with a bunch of stuff you can do. Area Search is really handy.
  8. Select Edit.
  9. Adjust the pose ball using the Build tools. Since you’re sitting on the pose ball, your position changes, too. You can position yourself, now, so your feet touch the ground, as well as move and rotate yourself, if you’re inclined.

Every photographer should know the basics of using the build tools. If you don’t, there are lots of places in SL (e.g. Builder’s Brewery) that give lessons.

Finding a pose ball with Area Search


How to change your hover height

Most of the time you’re not going to have rez rights in a sim. Good news! You can still adjust your hover height and get your feet to touch the ground.

  1. Right click on yourself.
  2. From the menu wheel, select Appearance.
  3. Select Hover Height.
  4. The Hover Height slider will appear.
  5. Using the slider, adjust your height until your feet touch the ground.

Warning: Once you’re done with your photographs, don’t forget to set your Hover Height back to zero.

Adjusting your Hover Height is also an option


Style thoughts

With a little height adjustment, you never have to look like you’re walking on air. It’s a fabulous emotional state, but it makes for odd looking photos.

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