Inara covers the Windlight & SCALA AChromatic fashion show, in honor of Windlight’s 1st anniversary series of events

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Windlight Magazine, the award-winning arts magazine and brand, is celebrating its first anniversary in June.

To mark the passing of a year of outstanding coverage and support of the the arts in Second Life, Windlight has commissioned the award-winning SCALA™ fashion agency to bring you fashion art on a chromatic runway canvas. The event will mark the start of a series of summer celebratory events by Windlight.

AChromatic, courtesy of ScalaAChromatic, courtesy of SCALA Fashion Agency

AChromatic: Behind the Collection sees 14 of Second Life’s most innovative fashion designers showcase their visions of bold shapes and colour within a monochrome setting. Immediately after the show, the AChromatic Vaults will be open within the boutique area at Windlight’s home region, presenting exclusive items from the show to shoppers through until Saturday, June 18th, complete with a LookBook commemorating the event.

Also following the main show, there will be a live performance by Christopher Quan, also at Windlight Magazine’s home region.

The brands…

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