“Guided Upright” New in Lightroom

The latest release of Lightroom CC 2015 includes a new more controllable version of Upright and a new Transform panel in the Develop module. Here’s a Photofocus first look

Upright has moved

Upright, formerly found in the Lens Correction panel, has moved to the new Transform panel. All of the Upright modes you have grown to love-Auto, Level, Vertical and Full-are still there along with a new addition: Guided.

My photograph of work being done to the town hall in Brussels’ Grand Place is a great one to show how Guided Upright works.Using Guided Uprightsetting vertical guides

First, check both Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Profile Corrections in the Lens Corrections panel as shown above. Click on the Guided icon just left of the word Upright in the Transform panel or click the Guided button or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + T. A loupe showing the cursor position appears allowing its precise positioning on a vertical line of the facade. Click, then drag to pull out a second anchor point. Move it to the opposite end of the vertical. Use the loupe to position it in the same relative spot as the first one to set a guide. Move to another, parallel, vertical. Click at the top, drag down, the click near the bottom to place the second guide. Lightroom applies the change as soon as you release the mouse.

The same procedure works for correcting converging horizontal lines. Place the first horizontal guide. Some correction happens. The magical perspective correction appears when the second guide is set….

Source: “Guided Upright” New in Lightroom

Author: John

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