BURN2 Conception: all the fun of the fair in Second Life

BURN 2’s Conception returns! Inara has info on how you can take part.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

logoThe BURN2 team have announced the dates and theme for the 2016 BURN2 Conception event – and with them comes an invitation for builders to get involved.

Conception this year will take place on the weekend of Saturday, July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd,  with the theme All The Fun of the Fair.

Announcing the event, the BURN2 Press Release reads in part:

A long time ago, a world was conceived to let people stay in touch and interact with each other all year round, rather than just at one wonderful place once year.  The conception of this place went far beyond the original idea and its framework.

…What better way to celebrate our conception, than to show what we can create for the community at large with all the fun of the fair?  Food stands, games, rides, float parades, fireworks, let’s fill the Playa with fun and frivolity!

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