The Edge Gallery, which showcases fashion imagery, will highlight it’s current artists for the May and June exhibition! Today’s spotlight is on Goodcross Resident and Hillany Scofield:

Goodcross Resident
Goodcross Resident

BIOGRAPHY: First thing, thank you so very much and Its my honor to present my work in this gallery. I came in to Second Life on 8/31/2011, the bug of photography in SL soon caught up on me, and I have just been absorbed with it and all skills around it. I spend almost all my time in second life, creating and documenting little stories to fit inside the 4 sides of a frame. I hope you enjoy the several pieces I have created here. I am usually in sl taking pictures, building sets, running a gallery (The Good Days gallery).


The Good Days gallery:

Hillany Scofield

Hillany Scofield first joined Second Life in 2007 and began creating very early after, trying out the possibilities of the powerful tools for building and creating clothes.  After being a host and manager in the famous Housemusic Club “Scoutlounge”, she started blogging fashion and soon was asked to join some fashion magazines.

Then in 2010 when the firestorm tools were developed, she explored the possibilities of SL photography which up until the present day is her real passion and in her view most rewarding field of her creative SLife. As an artist she has had numerous exhibitions in SL art galleries and is also the owner of “Hills Gallery” that has hosted artists like William Weaver, Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson in the past.

This humble artist draws her inspiration from her fellow artists and photographers who she shares her SL experiences with. Hills believes A great inspiration also is the nature of human relationships.

Hills’ photography is described as highly erotic and sensual, while she adds that her aim is to make human emotions visible. This creative process to also includes dealing with and expressing the emotional side SL. This is both challenging and rewarding in her view.


You can visit the work of these great artists and more at The Edge Gallery:

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