Today’s Edge Gallery spotlights are on Tiviyah REsident and Ramsa Luv:

Tivi Inglewood - Hide And Seek
Tiviyah Resident

Tivi Inglewood (Tiviyah Resident) has been taking photos since she had a decent enough graphics card to not crash trying to go above a “Low” setting. While her earlier pictures are quite cringe-worthy to her now, she’d like to think that with time and determination, she’s improved to the point that she’s been humbled by this Exhibition in The Edge Gallery, her first forray into photography as more than just “blog photos”. Her blog photos have always been more artistic than just basic style cards, and she is incredibly appreciative of what John, Eles, and Windlight have built here, to bring fashion imagery closer to the art side of the world, and to let us dip our toes in.


You Are Innocence By_ Ramsa Luv
Ramsa Luv

Hi all. I am Secondlife artist Ramsa Luv and i comes from RL Finland, I have done one time before Show with Windlight Magazine and Edge Stylist role. It was Windlight Spring Art Show 2016. I enjoy my Secondlife party, taking photos, relax music and real life i hobby music and movies.


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