All_Most Real in Second Life

Inara reviews the latest exhibit at Nitroglobus Hall

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Nitroglobus Hall: ALL_MOST REALNitroglobus Hall: ALL_MOST REAL

Now open through July at Nitroglobus Hall, curated by Dido Haas, is ALL_MOST REAL, an exhibition by MM (myster). Comprising 18 monochrome nude and avatar studies, it is an extraordinary exhibit, demonstrating both the depth of mood, feeling and sheer realism which can be achieved through Second Life photography, whilst also highlighting the extraordinarily narrow boundary which exists in or perception of what might constitute “reality”.

ALL_MOST REAL is a quest on reality and perception, and how they influence our emotions,” the artist states in introductory notes for the exhibition. “We know perceptions win over facts and reality so many times, conditioning our lives. In MM’s search for realism, could it be that the doll finally (like Pinocchio) transforms pixels into flesh?”

Nitroglobus Hall: ALL_MOST REALNitroglobus Hall: ALL_MOST REAL

Of the 18 images presented here, with six from the physical world, the rest from…

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Author: John

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2 thoughts on “All_Most Real in Second Life

  1. Thanks sooo much for sharing Inara’s blog post about the present exhibition ‘All_Most Real’ by MM (mysterr) at my gallery, Nitroglobus Hall.
    dikke kus


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