The Edge Contributor, Stavaros Gracemount discusses whether or not one should use nudity in their artwork:

Nude or Not… That is the question…

There are many people with varying opinions on nudity and art. There is a fine line that is tread between the two. After attending several meetings and reading several other articles, I’m left somewhat disappointed with the lack of open-minded people within Second Life.

There are those that claim to be cutting edge, when I have discovered they are more into covering edge. What I mean by my statement is,  as some appear to be fashion forward in their thinking, they are not. They are the ones that hold back the industry from getting any new blood.

I speak from experience, both as a model and someone that has worked behind the scenes. There are many differing opinions about these things, here you find my attempt to define the the difference between nudity and art.

There are several different debates about what is killing the industry and many have some merit, some do not. One of those blamed, are people not willing to hire a model that has posed nude before.

We should keep in mind that we are all consenting adults. If a model so chooses to do so, it’s at their own peril going forward for work. Not that I agree with this mentality at all. I just know that this prejudice is out there.


The Toilette of Venus Maker Name: Joseph Heintz the Elder (Swiss, 1564 – 1609) Type: Drawings Medium: Red and black chalk Place: Place Created: Switzerland Date: 1594 Source: J. Paul Getty Museum. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.


Agencies and parties that think a nude photo here and there is something to be ashamed of, I attempt to remind you here, that it’s not the real person posing nude. It’s pixels and it’s Second Life. Even the game’s creators encourage us to explore possibilities. It’s no different than those that judge me for what happens in my bedroom.

You have no right to do so. No one does. I will be judged by the one that counts. As for the ones that take that path, I commend your bravery, as well as your ability to think for yourself.

Are there those that are out to exploit females in the modeling industry? Of course there are. As well as those that exploit us males. That’s like trying to say there is no corruption in government. The only question you should be asking that model how they were treated during the shoot itself. If interests you that much to know, but beware the answer you may get back is a bold one.

It takes a lot as a model to make it. For male models it’s easier, we have less competition. We don’t like to deal with the amount of debate, discussion or opposing opinions, on something we just don’t see as relevant.

Do I understand those that decide not to hire someone due to a nude, yes I understand. I also remind you, that this is all personal preference. Just as high fashion models have slender exaggerated builds, there are other models that work in other industries, that have exaggerated parts that are desired by their audience. They are entertaining themselves, no different than a “High Fashion Model” does in Second Life.

I wonder about the upbringing and age brackets of those that come from a prudish society such as my own in America. I am a proud american, but I also know that when it comes to nudity and art, many other countries are light years ahead of us.

There are so many that will hire them because they were bold and brave to do something others aren’t willing to do.

At the end of the day, it’s just pixels people. It’s art for someone, even if it’s not to your liking. It doesn’t mean you have to be prejudicial about it and blackball someone.

I myself have posed for nudes, some artistic and some close to downright pornographic. I will tell you that they are photos I chose to do and no one forced me. There are poses and pose balls you have to actually click on it to make it happen.

In the day and age when we have mesh body’s who wouldn’t want to show off? They may have spend tens of thousands of lindens, in a way that is expressive to them. We have no right to judge. Art is art, opinion is opinion. Remember the difference and be kind to those that have an opinion that differs from your own and just move on.

There are people that do what some call porn, yes. Do you have to look at it? No. Just stop following them, or paying attention. There are even friends of mine that know that I won’t follow them because I find their work isn’t to my liking. It doesn’t mean I think any less of them or they wouldn’t still be a friend.

You can’t please everyone, all of the time, so why does this continue to be a sore subject for all? It shouldn’t even factor in. We all pay to play, our own way. It doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear your opinion. It’s likely a lot turned away at reading my article when they saw what it was about.

If you are still here reading this, I thank you. I also want to encourage those that are interested in modeling within Second Life, to feel free to message me via note-card in game. I don’t want my article to discourage you from attempting to blaze your own path to success. There are many agencies out there that don’t care if you have posed nude. They would welcome you with open arms and without judgement.

Make your decisions based on what it is that you enjoy and not what you think others will think of you. If we played by everyone’s rules, we may as well, not log in at all.

There is hope for us all, if we continue to work together and not against each other. It’s no different than body shaming that people do to one another. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One person’s art is another one’s pornography.

We can’t continue to superimpose our own values on to others and demand things of them in a game. They are paying to play it their way, no different than I or you my reader pay for yours to enjoy as we see fit.

Be kind to one another, we will all stand for our own judgement one day. Let’s not waste our time judging and not living our Second Lives.

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