Adobe just announced that its popular Lightroom photo editing software is coming to Apple TV. Well, not the editing part. It’s basically a slideshow app — but really, that’s fine.

Photographers have a lot of ways to show their photos to prospective or existing clients, whether they’re portfolio shots or proofs from a wedding. There are dozens of slideshow apps, portfolio apps, things for this or that platform. Lightroom is one of them — if you don’t mind showing off your shots on a tiny tablet or maybe a monitor at your messy desk.

Adobe brings content-aware crop, premium stock imagery and better VR support to its Creative Cloud apps

If you wanted to put them on a big, beautiful 4K TV in your studio, it usually meant one more step, and one more multi-gig copy of your shots that you had to export, import, and otherwise babysit.

This Apple TV app makes it relatively painless to just hoover up a tag into a set in desktop Lightroom and sync that with Lightroom mobile. Boom, it’s there on your TV — you just saved 5 minutes.

There’s not much more to it than that — you know a photo app is barebones when zooming in is one of its marquee features. But did you really think you were going to do serious RAW editing on your Apple TV?Existing Creative Cloud subscribers should be able to download the app for free now.

Source: Adobe Lightroom comes to Apple TV, of all things | TechCrunch

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