It has been an incredible first year at Windlight Magazine! We have grown beyond leaps and bounds and have covered so many areas of the arts!

Throughout the past year our scope and mission has grown to encompass the various art forms: music, fashion, literature and more! To reflect the change in our scope and mission, we have decided to rebrand as we are also looking outwards towards artistic horizons beyond Second Life and into real life.

When I created Windlight last year, I wanted to assist artists and to provide resources for the art world to anyone who wanted them. I also started Windlight in memory of a much beloved younger sister, who tragically passed away two years ago.

My sister was a photography student and loved the arts. Her love of the arts took her to the great and cultural city of Paris, where she was motivated and inspired by everything she saw in the city of lights.

Kandis, my sister, experienced growth in more ways than one in Paris and took her photography to new heights and levels as she perfected her craft. This growth is what has lead me to rebrand Windlight into it’s new name: Kultivate.

Cultivation is the art and science of growing things. We hope that you will continue to grow with us and Kultivate our love of all things artistic. Please note that our strong commitment to the arts will never change. We will continue to have our art shows, our galleries, and our many artistic events to bring you the resources you have grown to love and utilize. If anything we will simply expand and bring you additional resources to help you to cultivate your craft.

And one last note, you may ask why did we chose to spell cultivate with a K? The answer is simple–to honor my sister Kandis, who I know is shining down brightly on me as I continue futhering the arts in her name.


Johannes1977 Resident