Inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book, Mists of Avalon, Maathator has created a new play based on the legend of King Arthur.  Her narrative theatre piece  will be presented at 1pm on Sunday, August 7th, on the ACT Stage.  Maathator’s vision of Arthurian times focuses on some of the key events in Arthur’s reign, such as: his coronation,  his desire to have a heir, and his eventual downfall at the hand of Mordred, his son.  In addition, the audience meets some of the women who influenced his life, including: Guinevere and Morgana. Not only has Maathator developed the script, but she has sourced the costumes and created the sets to accompany her staged production. Choreographer Kalia and Dramaturge Bajoy have also contributed to the production.  Congratulations to Maathator and everyone else associated with the production for bringing this epic tale to life on the stage!

Source: ‘Legend of Arthur and Avalon’ | Avilion Arts

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