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Eucalyptus Carroll

EUCALYPTUS CARROLL: I have been in Second Life for 10 years, and have enjoyed seeing the progression of things in this virtual world. I enjoy exploring the many wonderful sims and taking photographs. I am also a Dream’s Builder and enter building contests whenever I can. I have learned a lot about photography and building from my many friends who have always been there to support me.
I have entered a few of my photographs in competitions at Dreams, and was lucky enough to win 1st Place Judged for one of my photos.

My thanks to Margo Hollak and Veruca Tammas for encouraging me to take part in a Windlight Art Exhibit.

My Flicker Photos :

Kody 4.3

KODYMEYERS RESIDENT: Capturing the wonderful ambiance and environments created by so many talented landscapers in Second Life is my way to relax and explore my imagination.

Each picture depicts a story or is a reminder of an experience one can reflect upon when admiring it. As a perfectionist, I take the time necessary to capture the picture, experimenting with different angles, framings and windlights, until the perfect shot is created — the one that comes alive.

Using different programs and techniques to create my pictures, the result is always a surprise. My goal is to portray the magic behind the raw image. To be able to contribute to peace and happiness in this world is an honor and an endless pleasure.

From April 3-June 14, 2016, my work was displayed at Brook Hill Gallery.

Flickr :


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