The Key to Minimalist Photography

Since the 20th Century, artists have used components like color and shapes to create a simplistic, minimalist pieces of work. As photographers, we can extend this idea to our own photographs, creating a unique view of an everyday subject with a minimalistic feel.When preparing to shoot minimalist images, there are multiple things to consider. Background, depth of field, color and of course the subject you’re focusing on. But there’s one element that needs to be taken into consideration above all else — negative space.What is Negative Space?Negative space is the simple area around the primary object of your photo. In the above image, it’s the blue sky that complements the red of the sculpture. In the below image, the yellow table creates separation from the napkin and beer….

Source: The Key to Minimalist Photography

Author: John

Owner, Publisher, & Editor In Chief of KultivateMagazine

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