On Monday, August 15th, 2016, Biné Rodenberger officially opened her new full region, Binemust, the spiritual successor to her popular Binemist, which – with its ever-evolving look – had long been a favourite destination among SL photographers and bloggers over the years (I actually first blogged about it in September 2014, with my last visit occurring in March of 2016, visiting a number of times in between these two dates, and even producing a video in December 2014 to capture its look at the time).

Biné was kind enough to invite Caitlyn and I to see Binemust ahead of the opening, and those who always enjoyed her old region are liable to love the new one. Binemust is a region which has entirely its own identity, yet also shares much in common which Binmists of the past, offering somewhere entirely new yet delightfully familiar to explore and enjoy.

BinemustA visit begins under water amidst a small set of ruins, a familiar chequered sea floor under foot. A sandy track winds its way over this, a pat of flamingos – another motif from past designs – grouped a short distance along it. In the waters overhead, a shark and marlin swim menacingly – but don’t mean anyone any harm – while in the distance a sign beckons with the announcement And So the Adventure Begins….

Source: Binemust in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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