“West Of The Rain,” Oobleck Allagash says of the region, “was originally conceived to be a tribute to the San Juan islands, as a token of love to my partner, Nodnol Jameson, given her respect and admiration for the nature and beauty of the Pacific North-west.”

While I’ve never been to the San Juan Islands, I have spent time looking at photographs from the web, and I have to say that Oobleck and Nodnol have done a superb job in recreating much of the look and feel of the islands, including some notable landmarks.

West Of The RainVisitors begin their journey on the south side of the region, where a quay juts out into the sea, a ferry alongside. Shoreward of this, rising up a gentle slope, are two rows of little shops and boutiques facing one another across a road. The first of these are, respectively, a charming little café and an old bed and breakfast – both perfect for anyone thinking of staying a while. Close by, on a little headland and in an homage to Friday Harbour on the main island,  sits a lighthouse.

Follow the road up through the town, passing the parking lot, and it will lead you north and east around the region. Or, if you prefer, you can follow the footpath running past the lighthouse and along the west side of the island. Whichever route you choose, the is a lot to see, be it the beach to the north, or past the steps leading up to the local church to the boat yard, and then onwards from either…

Source: West of the Rain in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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