We all have had experiences where the lighting isn’t perfect — either inside or outside. And we might think we need to boost our ISO, change our aperture or play around with exposure compensation.

Often, there’s one simple switch you can make. Instead of using matrix / evaluative metering (which is usually the default on today’s cameras), switch your camera to use spot metering.

What is Spot Metering?Unlike matrix / evaluative metering, which averages the light across your entire frame, spot metering evaluates the light on your sole focus point. This means you have the leading focal point of your photograph exposed perfectly.This is perfect when you’re dealing with backlighting, and you don’t want your subject to be underexposed because of the harsh sun. Spot metering would set your exposure around the main subject in your frame.It’s great for stage performances, when you have a main spotlight on a single person, and other subjects surrounding that person are in shadow. You want the main person to be perfectly exposed.Any time you have a high-contrast environment, spot metering is a great way to expose for your subject while telling your camera to ignore other lighting in the frame, because it lets you control the amount of light on the primary subject in your photograph. It also helps keep the details in your shadows and highlights….

Source: Spot Metering: The Trick to Perfect Exposures

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