Crystal Gardens, designed by Sandi Beaumont (Sandi Benelli) is presented to Second Life travels as a place for photography and exploration, offering visitors a ruggedly beautiful pastoral seam which is stunning in its simplicity and looks. This is my third visit to Sandi’s designs, having previously written about her work with her partner, Mikal, in February and July 2015.

A homestead region, Crystal Gardens currently comprises three north-south oriented islands separated by a channel of water. The more westerly pair form a finger of land, the tip of which has been sliced off by a further, narrow channel spanned by a log bridge. Both are low-lying and somewhat rugged – the smaller island to the north decidedly more so than its southern cousin. On it sits a conservatory with a distinctly French feel to it, offering visitors comfortable armchairs in which to relax, a small selection of drinks at a small bar, and the promise of possible entertainment, given the microphone and amplifier. It’s a place which hints at being a refined little club, tucked away where only those in the know might find it.

A bar area also comprises part of the southern island, located on the terrace of a Mediterranean villa which appears to be someone’s studio. Bee hives close by offer the promise of fresh honey, while a rowing boat tied up at the wooden jetty offers couples the chance for a little dalliance on the water.

The twin of this rowing bow sits alongside the jetty across the narrow channel separating the largest of the islands from the others. It is here, outside a row of little beach huts that visitors first land. A cooked breakfast awaits anyone feeling peckish on their arrival, and a raft hints at possible adventure at one end of the jetty….

Source: Visiting Crystal Gardens in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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