The Lucid Journey Poster

The Jewell Theatre presents

“The Lucid Journey”
Written & Directed by Fake Jewell.
Inspired by our 2011 48HFP Machinima:

Remaining Tour Dates:

Saturday, September 10th 3pm – Windlight Art Gallery

Sunday, September 11th 2pm – Book Island

In every culture there have been legends regarding the relationship between our dreams and travel. Suppose our dreams are more than random scenes from our waking lives? Lewis Liddell is missing presumed dead, and his wife is left to unravel the mystery of what’s become of him. Her journey to find him will take her into our shared dreamscape and beyond.
The cast and crew would like to thank the following patrons for their sponsorship of this production:
Ubar Scar Statosky & the City of Ko-ro-ba
Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe
House of Dingo

The Jewell Theatre has been performing full length plays and experimenting in Machinima since 2007.
Contact Fake Jewell: Writer/Director, Dorian Cao: Technical Director, or Sas Shi, Ambassador for more information!

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