On September 11, 2016 at 2pm slt the September and October Exhibition will hold it’s grand opening event. This event will feature live performer CeCi Dover and the following artists:

Inara Pey
Kaijah Chrome
MIlly Patton (MillyWH Resident)
Tisephone Resident
Pacesoftly Resident
Inquisitor Titanium
Jesse Boren (Tatjab Resident)
KodyMeyers Resident
Bluesrocker Resident
Cadence Caine (heathermknopp Resident)
ChloeElectra Resident
Wicca Merlin (Windlight Art Gallery’s Select Artist)
Honey Bender, Pam Astonia, & Warm Clarity (Windlight Art Gallery’s Artists in Residence

The dresscode is 100% formal. We hope you can join us!


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