You may remember that Photofocus was one of the first sites to tell you about Plotagraph Pro. This amazing software offers photographers the chance to easily animate still images. This works with ANY still photo, you can animate a photo you shoot today or one from a hundred years ago.  Absolutely no video is required.Since we first told you about it, they’ve added a bunch of new features. It’s also even easier to use (here’s a quick tutorial).

The big news is this…  because so many have asked… there’s now a trial version.

This week they are rolling out their first ever trial. While the software is technically still in BETA it’s been constantly improved since their initial testing and is close to ready.  The product is in fact on sale for $49 off during the beta period…  so if you like the trial consider signing up.Several of us on the Photofocus team have been testing the software and we unanimously agree that it’s something very unique.

They are offering a free 10 day trial. The trial does require a credit card.  If you like it, it will renew after 10 days and charge your card. If you don’t like the software, just cancel the trial. But I think you’re going to like it.

You can sign up at

Source: Plotagraph Pro News

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