Inara reviews and revisits the very scenic sim of Roche:

I first visited Roche in 2012 (see here). Then held by ddsm2 Mathy, the region offered a rural setting which was instantly attractive, making it a popular destination for SL travellers. In 2015, it was announced Roche would by closing. However,  Ricco Saenz pointed out to me, it later re-opened as Up to U, a collaborative effort between Fio and ありえす (ArieS Magic), offering a new look and beauty, which I wrote about here.

Over the course of the next year, I lost track of the region, so I was intrigued to catch word from Annie Brightstar that Roche would once again be closing at the end of September, as announced by the region’s current holder, Uta (xoYUUTAox). Intrigued, Caitlyn and I went to have a look.

RocheMostly given over to water, the region sits beneath a dark sky, lit to one side by a bright white star caught forever just above the horizon, giving the region a magical, otherworldly feel. Tall trees are scattered across the shallow waters, their willow-like branches glowing dimly and strung with lights as much as leaves. Blue and red lilies carpet the water under some of the trees,  whilst a grove of bamboo stands guard around two oriental style bridges, which rise from the water to span the water, sharing the space with tables of alien-looking blue plants caught in the light of that distant star…

Source: Revisiting Roche in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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