Content creator and friend Cube Republic – who is responsible for some superb plants and landscaping kits  – pointed Caitlyn and I towards a fantasy / medieval role-play region he’s been helping out with, and which is open to the public although still under development.Set no later than the 15th century, Revenland offers a rich environment for role-play utilising a variety of races  – although there are some constraints on what is and isn’t allowed within the information pack available in the skyborne arrival area. Largely the work of littlenixie, the region represents the continuation of an idea which initially started in AOL before moving to the immersive spaces offered by Second Life.Revenland: Revenland Forest

The region itself is divided into two primary areas: the human-controlled castle and town of Redfoem, together with the Ter’li Fields, separated from the rest of the region by a wooden palisade. Beyond these lies Revenland Forest, home to non-human characters, regarded as a bandits by humans, and the Undercity, home to underground dwellers. Mention is also made of the Honeysuckle Falls – which I think can be found towards the centre of the region – and the Lost City of Lava, which is part of the work-in-progress along with some of the underground areas, as region Admin inboccaallupo informed me:

[They’re] a work in progress. The Undercity is something that will be for a faction and come back new and improved build wise. While some things are a bit more for events, such as the catacombs are on sim and accessible but highly dangerous for the time being, and thus would require a skirmish or group to enter in order to stay safe. Nixie is constantly building her own mesh to update, improve, and bring a more unique look to the sim…..

Source: Revenland: fantasy / medieval role-play in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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