Holly Kai Art at the Park: New Exhibition | hollykaiart

Art at the Park returns to Holly Kai Park for October, the first exhibition of art to take place since we’ve completed renovating the hill-top art display area at the top of the steps from the landing point.For this exhibition, we are both pleased and privileged to be featuring the work of four talented artists, who between them offer a rich diversity of art and styles. They are: Anibrm Jung, John Brianna, Giovanna Cerise and Wildstar Beaumont. To make up the numbers after one of our guests had to drop out, is Inara Pey.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 24th and runs through until Sunday, October 23rd.  A special gala opening for Art at the Park will take place on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 2:00pm SLT.  Erin68 Frog and Satin will be providing the entertainment for the first hour, with music streamed thereafter.Formal attire is requested for this event, which will take place at Art in the Park dance area, surrounded on three sides by the exhibited art….

Source: Holly Kai Art at the Park: New Exhibition | hollykaiart

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