It All Starts With A Smile, Kaelyn Alecto’s Homestead region, has been a regular Second Life destination for me since 2013. My last trip there was in June 2016, when Caitlyn and I enjoyed the tropical summer beauty of the region. But the year has moved on since then, and with autumn now upon those of us in the northern hemisphere, It All Starts With a Smile has transformed itself to suit the season, making a return visit very much in order.

The land lays under a mantle of autumnal colours: yellow and brown leaves cover the ground, whilst those on boughs have turned ochre in preparation for their own spiral down to the grass and tracks below.  Even the red hues of wooden barns and cabins add a feeling of the shortening days and winter’s approach as they sit under a suitably beige sky.

From the landing point, visitors have a choice of routes to be followed – around a small central lake, or up into the low hills to the east and north, dusty tracks pointing the way. Either route will take you past cottages, barns and little cabins, while the track around the lake presents opportunities to wander a little further, out over low wooden walkways spanning an arc of water to connect to a trio of little islands to the west and south, each joined to the next by walkways of their own…

Source: Autumn walks all start with a smile in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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