The new paired scenic regions of Summers Wind and Winters Wind, designed to serve residential, commercial, artistic and recreational needs, offer spectacular views and vistas from nearly every vantage point. Summers Wind, located to the south of Winters Wind, is the more heavily developed and landscaped of the two (Winters Wind being a homestead and primarily residential), with Romanesque themes — a gorgeous landscape with towering rocks into which a few store façades and other spaces have been constructed.

The sims are owned by Caterina della Rovere (Catweasel Ohanlon), who asked Mexi Lane, previously the proprietor of the now-lost sim Imagin@rium (with which the new regions share some similarity), Rumegusc Altamura and FixGel Planer to design the overall environment; original meshes were created by Rumegusc and FixGel while Mexi created textures and the landscape. In describing the inspiration for the sims, Mexi cites various locations in Italy — “A bit of the southern islands, the Amalfi coast, the Ligurian coast of the Cinque Terre … a mixture…”

Source: Ziki Questi’s Blog: Summers Wind and Winters Wind

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