show #123: the three stigmata of palmer luckey

An all new Draxfiles Radio Hour is available!

the drax files radio hour


yes we are back: i know you missed jo and drax and our guest this week [roblemvr].

what are we talking about except oc3 and google vr? well, perhaps the title is an indicator.

enjoy [and keep in mind = new show drops every saturday going forward]:

and below find interesting material that shall contextualize your audio experience:

  • our guest roblemvr [#5 influencer according to onalytica] with his excellent weekly vr wrap-up vr review:
  • inspiration for our fake book cover comes of course from the famous PKD novel “the three stigmata of palmer eldritch” where a evil entity is pulling wool over people’s eyes with a weird hallucinogenic vr type technology
  • our musical guest – jaynine scarborough with her excellent cd “thousand rooms” = you may know her as one of the stars of “login2life” documentary:
  • rob mentions ccospaces out of munich germany = great stuff and we…

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