Inara reviews the new sim, Shattered Masquerade:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Darkness Prevails - Shattered Masquerade; Inara Pey, October 2016, on FlickrDarkness Prevails – Shattered Masquerade – click any image for full size

Darkness Prevails – Shattered Masqueradee is a new role-play environment by Lokhe Angel Verlack (Jackson Verlack) and Miza Cupcake Verlack (Mizaki), based on the Worlds of Darkness (WOD) universe. It has just moved to a new full region, and is open for business, although some work is still continuing in developing RP locations. Regular readers of this blog may remember that Lokhe and Miza previously operated another WOD inspired role-play realm, World of Darkness: Château Village, which I wrote about back in October 2015. So, are the two connected?

“This is entirely separate from Château Village,” Miza told me as we toured the region together. “We actually started Shattered Masquerade in September, with a half-region build we called The Oasis, that was a starting point for our story. We’re now moving things on from…

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