Inara provides further information on additional prims for both estates and mainland regions:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

secondlifeNote: An earlier version of this article appeared in error whilst still being drafted on-line, as a result of a mistake on my part and to my own embarrassment. Once again, my apologies to Linden Lab and readers of this blog for my carelessness.   

It is something Second Life users have long wanted / wished for / desired / demanded: an increase to the basic land impact (or prim count, if you still prefer) available for regions.

And now the wish is being granted – although word came out a lot sooner than the Lab had anticipated (thanks in part to my aforementioned mistake).

However, on Thursday, November 3rd, the Lab officially announced that they are increasing the Land Impact allowance for Second Life regions. The new allowances are:

  • Full Regions:
    • Mainland: 22,500
    • Private estates:
      • 20,000 at the same tier price OR
      • 30,000 for an additional US $30 a…

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